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BBC Wildlife Magazine, October 2004:

"First of the best.
Feast your eyes on a stunning collection of images from this year´s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, the largest - and best - of its kind in the world. This is a sneak preview of highly commended shots to whet your appetite. "

Lokaltidningen Mitt i Täby/Danderyd 23 November 2004:

"Globetrotter med kamera. Nu ställer Lars-Olof Johansson ut sina internationellt erkända naturbilder på biblioteket."

LIFE ON FILM. Award-winning images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

The Sunday Times. November14, 2004.

Snappers go wild with a camera. " Best in the world: ( Clockwise from top left ) Bronze whalers charging a baitfall, Doug Perrine, USA; Golden leaf monkeys, Elio Delia Ferrera, Italy; Gentoo Penguin family, Lars-Olof Johasson, Sweden; Amazon waterlillies, Theo Allofs, Germany. "

The Pulse, South London Press. January 28, 2005.

SMÄRTA Nr. 4 2006